The Rebellion Automotive iTuning - (Intelligent Tuning System) - is developed for a wide range of modern petrol and diesel turbo charged vehicles. The systems are connected to various sensors of the engine and allow us to redirect information directly to the module, utilising vehicle-specific harnesses with OEM level connectors. The information from the sensors is recalculated and refined by the secondary ECU within the module and changes are made in real-time. These changes are created on vehicle-specific tuning maps and various engine parameters can be optimized - the result is optimum efficiency, more power and more torque. Most kits can be installed at home without the need for special tools.


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Why choose an iTuning Kit?

As an industry leader, Rebellion Automotive take great pride in offering a premium product / service.

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • No splicing needed as the kit plugs directly into the factory engine loom

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