Rebellion Automotive has a wide range of tuning and remapping services for almost all modern vehicles, both petrol engines (including normally aspirated, turbo and supercharged engines) and turbo diesels. We have our own in house 2000BHP AWD Rolling Road to ensure that results speak for themselves. Customers can opt for either performance tuning or alternatively for those seeking better fuel economy we have a number of options available.

From daily drivers to exotic super cars, we have a solution for you. We work with the very best partners and manufacturers in the world to offer our clients a complete solution for hardware and software upgrades to unleash your vehicle’s potential.

With Global partners from the likes of Forge Motorsport, Remus, Pipercross, QuickSilver, Goodridge and many more, you can be assured that we provide the best products the market has to offer. This allows us to put together truly bespoke level packages for your vehicle and meet your exacting needs.


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Rebellion Automotive have our own in house team of fully trained and accredited detailers to offer our clients the best possible products and services.

Our clients can be satisfied that their vehicles can be detailed to the highest standards and that attention to detail, combined with experience gained from working on a diverse and challenging portfolio, coupled with the application of the worlds finest detailing products will help maintain or achieve the look and finish of your vehicle that you desire. From a professional valet to major correction work, we can meet your needs.

Gtechniq Accredited Detailing Centre

We're proud to work closely with Gtechniq to offer the best in vehicle care.

New Car Protection Detail, from £600+VAT

Unlike the dealerships that only sell you paint protection coatings to maximise their profit, we will enhance and protect your new purchase with a range of Gtechniq coatings. Also, whereas a dealer will normally give their poorly trained valeter an hour or so to prepare your new car for sale, we will spend a minimum of 10hrs to ensure your car has the best start to its life, usually for a similar price to what the dealerships will charge!!

Enhancement Detail, from £350+VAT

The package concentrates on visually lifting the whole car, both inside and out. The bodywork receives a thorough decontamination wash to remove road tar, tree sap and other general fallout, before getting a single stage machine polish. The interior receives a full interior valet and seat deep clean along with engine bay clean, wheels, glass, door shuts etc.

Minor Correction Detail, from £500+VAT

For vehicles with more extensive paintwork scratches, swirls and general defects, we recommend a minor correction detail. After the body gets a deep clean, the panels receive a minimum 2 stage machine polish to remove as many defects as possible. A minimum of 20hrs is spent on the vehicle. Alongside the paintwork, the whole car gets treated to a full clean including the interior.

Major Correction Detail, from £650+VAT

If your car has extensive scratches, marks and swirls (typically where the vehicle has been driven down the side of a bush), we recommend this package. A minimum of 30hrs is spent getting the vehicle and specifically its paint finish up to as higher standard as possible. A full decontamination wash along with a minimum 3 stage machine polish is just the start of what your vehicle will go through.

Wet-Sand/Concours Detail, from £2,500+VAT

For the car that simply has to look as good if not better than the day it left the factory, this is the only package you should be considering. From a full and complete hand wet-sand of the entire vehicle to remove orange peel along with scratches, swirls and blemishes, down to a complete engine bay clean, rusty bolts/screws replaced, this is for you. At least 75hours is spent getting your vehicle up to our exacting standards.

Safe Wash, from £25+VAT

Using PH neutral products at all times, along with the 2 bucket wash method, no sponges and attention to detail rather than on the time, this service will clean your car without inflicting any of the nasty damage you see from cheap hand car washes and garage car wash machines.

Basic Valet, from £65+VAT

A full safe wash along with a full interior valet will have your car looking just as clean on the outside as on the inside. All door shuts and glass etc are cleaned and dried because you shouldn't have to pay extra just to get the job done right!

Showroom Valet, from £100+VAT

Just like the basic valet although this service includes tar removal, full clay bar as well as engine bay clean. If your car needs to be as clean as possible but without the need for a detail, this is the service for you.

Headlight Restoration, from £25+VAT (per light)

If your headlights are dull, turning yellow and simply letting the look of your car down, from just £30 per headlight, we can fully sand and restore their clarity. Much cheaper than buying replacement units.

Convertable Hood Services

From a full deep clean to a re-dye or even re-colour, we can cater for your needs. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Brake Calliper Refurbishing

Are your brake callipers looking the worst for wear or maybe you just fancy a change of colour, we can safely remove your callipers and get them re-finished in almost any colour you can think of, along with all manufacture logos. Contact us for a quote.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishing, from £60+VAT

Whilst your car is with us we can get your wheels fully refurbished. We can get any buckles taken car of along with and kerb damage and even cracks. From a standard silver to pretty much any colour/finish you can think of.

"Detailing, in summary, is the systematic cleansing, perfecting and protecting of all surfaces and areas of your vehicle. It is a service with many intricate stages that can take anything from 1 full day to 1 full week to complete, depending on the level of service desired, the condition of the vehicle, and the requirements of the owner. As long as the detailer you employ has the passion, skill and vitally, the experience necessary,it is a service that completely transforms the condition and appearance, and maximises the value of your vehicle. A good detailer is someone who will prepare a car to the very highest level of presentation. No matter what the age of the vehicle, modern or classic; detailing can transform it!"

Detailing is very different from valeting.Valeting is mainly about freshening a car’s appearance. Detailing, however, is about reconditioning and reviving every aspect of a vehicle’s appearance. A valet may spend a couple of hours on a car, a detailer could spend a day – or even up to a week – in achieving the highest level of protection and finish possible. On some details wheels are removed to clean the inner rims and wheel arches by hand. In every instance, the result is far more impressive than a valet, and in many instances, the results are even more effective (and far cheaper) than a respray. )Once you have a ‘fresh protected finish’, maintaining the car becomes much easier.

Paint correction is a process to remove swirls and scratches from paint work using specialist polishes of varying abrasiveness by machine. It removes 90%-100% of swirls, cobwebbing, water marks, bird stains, scratches and restores colour if paint has dulled or faded to leave paint in as new condition, saving on expensive resprays and retaining resale value.

Claying is a process used to remove paint contaminants on the paint such as bugs, tar, road grime, fallout, tree sap, some paint over spray, and other contaminants that washing cannot remove. The Clay Process actually cleans below the paint surface to remove the contaminants that grip to the paint. Claying is one of the most important steps in cleaning the paint, and actually cleans the paint better than a wash alone. It cleans deep into scratches and pits and removes deep lodged dirt that may have been there for the life of the vehicle. There is no other way of cleaning a car as thorough as claying.

Wet sanding when done correctly, with patience and skill, is no more dangerous than machine polishing itself. If you consider an average paint depth being 130microns, wet sanding can remove as little 4 – 6 microns only. Wet sanding is employed when there are certain types of paint defect/finishes present. An example would be “Orange peel”. This is where the paint finish, instead of being smooth like glass, has a dimpled orange skin like appearance. This is getting more and more common these days due to the new water based paints used by car manufactures. Take a look at a brand new BMW, and you will clearly see this effect. Wet sanding removes this orange peel effect and leave a mirror like shine. It is not unheard of for people to have an entire car wet sanded to remove this unsatisfactory paint finish. It is also employed where deep scratches and overspray are present, to either remove, or dramatically lessen their effects.

At this moment in time we detail cars, motorbikes, trucks and yachts. However, we could easily detail light planes, private jets and helicopters. Being within easy reach of the airfield at Goodwood, we could easily put our skills to work on your aircraft. Being so close to Chichester harbour, I can also work on your marine craft. From a jet ski to a yacht, just call to discuss.

We currently do not offer a mobile service unless you have your own premises we can use. The reason being, with most modern day coatings, you need the right type of environment to safely and correctly apply them. Both in terms of temperature, moisture and lighting.

We are fully insured for both public liability and accidental damage caused to your vehicle whilst working on it. We have worked on vehicles in excess of £10million so you can be sure your vehicle will be in safe hands with us.

Some think detailing is a luxury but in fact it should be considered regular maintenance.  Having your car detailed will keep the paint in excellent condition.  Without a coat of wax or a long life sealant like Gtechniq on your vehicle your car is exposed to harmful UV rays, road grime, salt, acid rain etc. which can cause your paint to oxidize and over time corrode and rust. By having your car detailed a few times per year you can drastically increase the resale value of your car.  On average an interior and exterior detail can increase the resale value by 10% to 15%.

Dirty windows and mirrors can severely decrease visibility especially when the sun is shining directly onto your windscreen.  Streak marks can create a haze that decreases visibility at night. A carefull detailing of the glass surfaces helps to eliminate this hazard as well as making your visibilty in the rain much better thanks to the rain reppeling coating that is applied. This effectively enables you to drive at speeds over 40mph without even needing to use your windscreen wipers. The heavier the rain, the more effective the coating.

Oxidized cloudy headlights can damper the brightness of your headlights by as much as 80%. Detailing away contaminants and a restored suface protection can help maintain the clarity of headlight lenses.

Protection Films

We can also offer a full paint protection film installs to prevent stone chips and damage to your paintwork utilising market leading PremiumShield films.

Car Paint Protection Films

Premium Shield Elite utilizes an advanced top coat system designed to not only protect the vehicle against rock chips and road debris, but also against staining created by acids, abrasives and solvents – maintaining the surface of the product for longer with less regular maintenance. Elite is the industry leader when it comes to stain resistance!

Elite is a 6.4mil (0.16mm) dual extruded urethane film with an additional 0.25mil (0.006mm) clear coated surface, with a 1.8 mil (0.05mm) clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system (PSA). The film is specifically designed for the surface protection of painted, gel coated or other vulnerable surfaces improving functionality and allowing the conservation of visual appearance. The clear coat adds more durability and resistance to staining, dirt inclusions etc. maintaining the outer surface for longer periods.

Warranted against degradation from UV, staining and cracking; PremiumShield Elite applies easily and maintains its clarity, durability and superior performance over a wide range of environmental conditions providing improved chemical and mechanical resistance (like stone chip) whilst offering conformability to complex shapes and curves.


Ready to protect your pride and joy? Want to know more about the film / process? Our experienced technicians are on-hand to help.

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Bike Paint Protection

Our sister company BikeShield provide a full solution for Bike Paint Protection Films. Please visit their website for more details.



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